Dr Mary Kleinsorge
classical guitarist / singer / songwriter
This Day
  1. Sometimes It's a Matter of Time
  2. Right Now
  3. Can We Build a Bridge
  4. Antiguan Waves
  5. No Picture of You
  6. Do What You Want
  7. Please Know
  8. Could You Explain
  9. I Think He Loves Me, Momma
  10. Suite Solitude
  11. If I Gotta Cry, I Wanna Do My Cryin' With You
  12. So Long to So Longs

This CD contains excerpts from my personal journal chosen carefully and placed between each song, making it a more intimate sharing of my heart through my music. Sometimes It's a Matter of Time is a collection that came to me over a number of years when I wasn't playing much music for anyone but myself and people in my life. I've always used my music to tell people what is in my heart. These are mostly songs of love and love lost, which was most important in this phase of my life. I Think He Loves Me, Momma shows off the side of youth trying to justify choices. Sometimes It's a Matter of Time expresses that ever-hopeful side of me always expecting something good around the next corner. Do What You Want is one of those turning point songs when I realized that I don't need to surround myself with people who aren't loving. Antiguan Waves and Suite Solitude are two of my earlier classical guitar compositions. I was sitting on the rocky beach of Antigua while listening to the rhythmic waves as they licked the shore and I just couldn't resist writing it. Suite Solitude is actually three separate pieces that I wrote in what has turned out to be my favorite key, A minor, and when I fit them together I loved them even more. They were written at different times, when I was moved to write and couldn't find words to say what was in my heart. When that happens to me, the feelings pour out as melody and harmony and the result always is a wondrous surprise to me. Listen to Camilla Ford interview me on Cabo MIL radio; I talk about Mexico and many of the songs on this CD.

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