Dr Mary Kleinsorge
classical guitarist / singer / songwriter
Positively Dr Mary
  1. Sing My Song
  2. The General
  3. Lu La La
  4. Go The Extra Mile
  5. Farmer Earl (Ode to Earl)
  6. Mister Tree
  7. Little One
  8. Pretty Carmaleta
  9. If I Gotta Cry, I Wanna Do My Cryin' With You
  10. Tanya's Lasagna
  11. Me Bein' Me
  12. Positive Movement
  13. Sammy Spine

My goal with Positively Dr Mary! is to offer a collection of positive, fun songs directed towards kids and the things they like, but also to have the songs be adult-friendly. Between the songs I've planted a seed for a more sophisticated sound by adding short classical guitar licks that make you want to hear more. Tonya's Lasagna was a family project that we all had a hand in writing. We were on our trip to see Mount Rushmore, and Stefi was eating lasagna in the back seat. Pretty Carmaleta is a song about our dog that thought she was a human, and The General is a song about the biggest fish that lives in every pond and teases the fishermen. I hope these songs will make you smile and will give you hours of time with your children singing positive music. Be sure to take advantage of the free download for the coloring pages for some of the songs.


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