Dr Mary Kleinsorge
classical guitarist / singer / songwriter
Mary and Classical Guitar in Mexico
  1. Cabo Song
  2. Lazy Water
  3. El Pastor
  4. Under the Bridge
  5. Besamé Mucho
  6. Un Dia de Noviembre
  7. Aqui y Ahora
  8. Caballo Viejo
  9. Head in the Clouds
  10. Dos Arbolitos
  11. O Fernando
  12. What a Day
  13. Passing Storm
  14. Los Dos

It took me several years to finish this wonderful CD, composing classical pieces and learning to sing in Spanish and play with a bit of a Latin flare like I had never played before. I'm so happy with the end results. It was worth the wait and all the hours of preparation. It combines my love for classical guitar and for the Spanish language. I wrote most of the guitar pieces and one of the Spanish songs, The Cabo Song. Though I didn't write Un Dia de Noviembre, I did write the words and if you know the song, hopefully it will bring a freshness to a long-loved classical piece. The repeated verse of What a Day was written by Johann Sebastian Bach. The words and all of the rest of the guitar work was written by myself and it's one of those songs that grows on you as you listen to it or play it. You'll be humming it in your sleep! If you love guitar and Spanish, you will love this CD. It's very special, not canned in any way. It's bright and original and something you'll want to listen to again and again. Thank you so for loving it.